VI5's mission is to support generating sustainable business value by provisioning data-oriented IT services

Value Intelligence means
- initiation
- investigation
- implementation
- improvement
- innovation 

VI5 Services

Discover how VI5 works to support you investigate, implement and improve business value.

DevOps & Integration

Salesforce, C#, 
API & Microservices

Data to Value transformation

Data science & analytics

Process automation

Test automation, Robotic process automation

Digital & agile transformation

Agile coaching 

The key project experience of VI5 expert staff includes

Over 20 years of experience in project, portfolio, and program management fpr excellent delivery of IT projects and solutions with high complexity and focus on business value

Service and operations management for business-critical solutions including planning, demand, change and resource management as well as innovation and risk management

Business Intelligence, Data analytics and science with focus on value identification and review, solution and technical design, co-ordination of multidisciplinary teams, quality and performance control

Our Team

professional, engaged and creative


Tivadar Maklari 


Mobil: +36 30 4829997

Expert staff

Our team members have acquired a wide range of skills in IT, management and consulting. We also work together with associated experts internationally on demand in special projects.

If you would like to be part of our teams, just contact us!

VI5 Jobs

We offer

working in significant international projects and operations as a member of a virtual expert team

continuous skill & competence development, coaching

attractive compensation packages and flexible working conditions

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VI5 Our Customers

Many of the most significant IT, telecommunication and industry companies of the European Union